Lentävä Liitutaulu Ltd is committed to making its Seppo mobile application accessible, in accordance with national legislation transposing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

This statement is based on self-evaluation of accessibility status and it is updated on November 30, 2022.

Compliance status

Seppo is firmly committed to offer an accessible gaming experience to all of its users.

We are continuously developing the Play Seppo application and the new browser version for players that was introduced in fall 2022 to make sure that the key features of the application meet the accessibility requirements of the AA level of the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Accessible content

At the time of updating this statement (November 2022), the Seppo service is accessible with a few exceptions defined in the next section.

Notes on accessible content:

  • Keyboard operation works best on Chrome.
  • Games with a 360° image as a game board are accessible via exercise list.
  • Changing the orientation of the screen (portrait/landscape) is possible in a browser.
  • Games can be played with a screen reader in the Play Seppo app but not in a browser.
  • Making the game content accessible is the responsibility of the game creator. Instructions are available in the Seppo Guide.

Non-accessible content

The target of accessibility (development) is specifically the games that have been created with the help of the Seppo service. Our aim is at making the use of it possible for all user groups. The company's website (, which is not needed to play games, only meets the basic criteria of good usability. We do not develop the accessibility of the legacy browser version for players that was launched in 2017. Games built on a map are not accessible. It is not possible to play a branching game with a screen reader.

Following features of Seppo games do not yet meet the intended level of accessibility:

  • Text alternatives for videos or audio files are not yet available for the players.
  • When text size is increased the elements of the progress bar overlap which leads to loss of content.
  • Keyboard operation: The esc button does not close the user menu. To access the close button the user needs to navigate from the bottom of the menu to the top bar.

Browser-specific exceptions in keyboard operation:

  • Safari and Firefox:
    • In the exercise list the focus outline is cut from the edges.
    • In a graded exercise the user cannot always access the Collect points button and therefore cannot collect the points. Points can be updated using the Refresh game option in the user menu.
    • In a missing word exercise, it is not possible to view the correct answers when the user’s answer is incorrect.
  • Firefox:
    • In an exercise that consists of multiple sub-exercises the focus goes outside of the screen at the end of a sub-exercise. The user needs to use previous/next buttons to navigate between the sub-exercises.
    • In the user menu the focus disappears when the user returns from a sub-menu to the main user menu.

Accessibility improvement plan

We will continue to develop accessibility further and do improvements in the following order:

  1. Text alternatives for videos and audio files
  2. Progress bar improvements to remove overlapping elements
  3. Improvements to closing the user menu in keyboard operation

We are committed to maintaining the accessibility level of the service when we introduce new features for players.

Feedback and contact information

To give feedback of the eventual compliance failures and to request information about the accessibility of Seppo solution, please contact us by email at
You will be responded to within 14 days.

Enforcement procedure

If you need to make an official statement of the accessibility non-compliance of Seppo, please contact the following governmental enforcement body:

Etelä-Suomen aluehallintovirasto
Saavutettavuuden valvonnan yksikkö
Phone (switcboard): +358 295 016 000